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Innova Search 

provided me with some great candidates for a recent Sales Engineer vacancy. After ensuring they had a thorough brief of what I was looking for, they provided me with a pre-filtered list of great candidates. I am certainly happy to work with them again.



Forming the backbone of our business we have worked with clients across the mechanical and electrical sectors for over 20 years.


We developed our original service offering whilst working in this sector which has seen our recruitment process evolve into a highly-tuned operation.


Product manufacturers that we have recruited on behalf of include Pumps, Gears, Turbines, Fans, HVAC, PCB’s, Control Panels and much more.  


Most Mechanically and Electrically based manufacturing and engineering businesses can admit to finding high calibre and technically competent candidates as a difficult project. Our specialist recruiters have experience of ascertaining a candidate’s competency level quickly and efficiently.


We work with clients from the outset to formulate a small number of competency based questions, so we can rule candidates in or out of the recruitment process in good time. 

We take the time to understand the academic background of each candidate from a time served, apprentice trained engineer to a candidate with a Masters’ degree or Ph.D. in their chosen field of expertise. Sometimes being an expert is not enough. We also check for a candidates’ suitability from a cultural fit perspective: How they like to be managed? What working environment suits them best? Do they go the extra mile when needed? Ascertaining key behavioural traits that match your business.


Whether you are looking for an apprentice trained, degree qualified or time served mechanical or electrical engineer, we have dealt with them all. We know All their positives and negatives. So, we are able to advise you on what would best suit your specific need. We know that experience is quite often key for your business so we take the time to study and understand each candidates’ educational background and what makes them tick so we are able to make sure of a great cultural fit.

Roles we have recruited recently:


  • Manufacturing Manager: 26 days to fill

  • Electrical Design Manager: 23 days to fill

  • Cell Leader: 18 days to fill

  • Quality Manager: 23: days to fill

  • Head of Maintenance: 28 days to fill

  • Field Service Manager: 17 days to fill

  • Stress Engineer: 32 days to fill

  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer: 31 days to fill

To speak with a member of our Mechanical and Electrical team, please contact us today on 0330 311 0080.

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0330 311 0080