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provided me with some great candidates for a recent Sales Engineer vacancy. After ensuring they had a thorough brief of what I was looking for, they provided me with a pre-filtered list of great candidates. I am certainly happy to work with them again.



Chemical manufacturing assignments normally need to have a specific level of expertise.


Since its inception, Innova Search has worked across the chemical industry on a wide range of assignments. Many of our searches are international and we have successfully filled positions in almost every European country, North America, Russia & Eastern Europe, Middle East, India and South-East Asia.


Whether you manufacture petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, polyolefins, basic polymers, chlor-alkali vinyl, pesticides & fertilizers, catalysts, additives, antimicrobials, personal care, ingredients and other fine chemicals we have the breadth and depth of industry knowledge to be able to add significant value to your recruitment process.


Or if you manufacture materials & plastics such as polyurethanes, engineering polymers, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, composites, textile fibres and nanotech-based materials we have the experience to match.


We have experience placing business leaders up to Senior Management level, chemical consultants up to Senior Vice President level, most Commercial functions up to Director level, R&D and Innovation up to Chief Technical Officer, Manufacturing roles to Plant Manager, plus senior appointments in Operations.


We have worked for manufacturers, distributors, traders and consulting companies. Our clients have ranged from SME’s who need a C-level executive, to global leaders within the chemical industry where we generally place Mid-Senior level management.


Whether you operate on a TIER 1 or TIER 2 COMAH site, we understand the health and safety hazards that are associated with the industry and understand that a successful candidate is not judged solely on their knowledge and expertise, but also on their behavioural traits within the working environment.


Recently completed assignments include:


  • Health & Safety Manager – 29 Days to fill

  • Plant Manager – 27 Days to fill

  • Engineering Manager – 23 Days to fill

  • EC&I Manager – 39 Days to fill

  • Environmental Waste Manager – 21 Days to fill

  • Commissioning Engineer – 32 Days to fill


Chemical manufacturing assignments normally require a consultant who has significant experience & knowledge about the industry.


As Search and Selection chemical recruiters we are able to dig deep to study and assess a candidate’s technical ability. Knowing whether a candidate has experience of working in a Batch or a Continuous Operation site sets us aside from our competition.

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