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Data Protection Policy

Our Mail Policy and Your Data Protection

First off, we hate SPAM as much as everyone else and we will never abuse the good faith you have shown in Innova Search by volunteering your contact information and email address.  

Before you register your details please read the following three promises:

  1. We promise that you will never receive more than one e-mail per week from Innova Search or any associated sister companies (unless you subscribe to our 'jobs by email' service or we are in an email conversation)

  2. We promise that every mail will add value and its purpose will be to improve your job search process.

  3. We will never sell your details to a third party, see our 'Privacy Policy', below.


Of course you have the option to de-register your details at any time.  


To view our privacy policy see our 'privacy and cookies policy'.


Changes the GDPR will bring

The GDPR comes into place on 25th May 2018, and with it comes some key changes to data policy and processing.

Perhaps the biggest change is the increase in the scope of these laws, not only will the apply to EU citizen data in the UK, but the storage and processing of EU citizen data internationally. 

The UK will establish a new SA (supervisory authority) to deal with complaints and to oversee implementation of new legislation within UK businesses. 

Key policies you should know about include:

  • Policy notices for data protection must note the retention time and purpose of data

  • Contact details for the data controller/officer

  • Explicit consent and documentation of consent

  • Pseudonymisation (making data anonymous or encrypted as soon as possible to protect privacy)

  • The Right to Access - the right to request copies of data stored upon providing identification

  • The Right to Erasure - the right to request your data be removed once it no longer fulfils the lawful basis on which it was processed, or with due reason

As always, Innova Search maintains the strictest and highest quality data protection, guaranteeing your data is kept secure and used appropriately.

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