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Innova Search 

provided me with some great candidates for a recent Sales Engineer vacancy. After ensuring they had a thorough brief of what I was looking for, they provided me with a pre-filtered list of great candidates. I am certainly happy to work with them again.



Targeted recruiting that delivers the industry’s best Manufacturing jobs


Manufacturing recruitment has never been more imperative, and the talent marketplace is both global and competitive in scope. Over the course of the last two decades, the evolution of the industry has been swift and drastic. Manufacturing management jobs now require a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution plus a keen insight into the future of the global economy. With knowledge and precision, our recruiters expertly help industry candidates to find opportunities that build lasting, successful manufacturing careers.


To increase competitiveness and drive down costs, manufacturing companies have turned to continuous improvement efforts, like; Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. They have expanded supply chain jobs from a regional to a global platform. And they are increasing inventories and jumpstarting the entire manufacturing process. Our manufacturing recruiters recognise that with challenges come opportunities and innovation for top talent.

Organisations are seeking exceptional manufacturing talent – from time-served to mid-management all the way up to the C-suite – to fill the manufacturing jobs that will fuel new growth. With a network of national offices, Innova Search’s manufacturing recruiters appreciate regional nuances and global trends. We work with knowledge, experience, speed, and discretion to help your companies fill critical manufacturing management jobs.

We work closely and candidly with candidates across the industry to help match talented professionals and successful businesses, building long-term relationships and lasting success in their field of expertise. Whatever your manufacturing career aspirations may be – from supply chain and engineering to production and distribution – Innova Search’s expert industry recruiters can help you achieve them.

Roles we have recruited recently:

  • Purchasing Manager: 18 days to fill 

  • Manufacturing Cell Leader: 23 days to fill 

  • Production Director: 31 days to fill 

  • Head of Operations: 29 days to fill 

  • Engineering Manager: 23 days to fill 

  • Shift Team Leader: 16 days to fill 

For additional information on how we can assist you in your search for top talent, contact us today on: 0844 893 7475.



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