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March 8, 2019

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7 Telephone Interview Tips to Consider

September 13, 2017

Telephone interviews can help get the ball rolling if there are limitations on timescales or location and can be used to whittle down candidates for face to face interview.


Whilst they can get help get things moving, clearly it’s difficult to build rapport and create a good impression as you aren’t able to see the person you are talking to; a lot of synergy in a conversation comes from non-verbal signals. If you are having a telephone interview, you need to work harder to create an instant impact; you get less of a chance to ‘warm up’. That is why doing a bit of research and identifying some top telephone interview tips beforehand can be beneficial.

Telephone Interview Tips to Consider


Here’s our top telephone interview tips for preparing and maximising conversations with a future employer:


Background Noise


Make sure you’re in a quiet spot to conduct the interview. If you’re on your mobile, make sure you have good signal. If you’re on a landline, go to a quiet room and shut the door, make sure there’s no kids, dogs or cats etc. around to distract you, don’t do the dishes or check e-mail. Focus on the call and the questions.




Number two in our top telephone interview tips is Mind-Set. Recruitment processes move at a fast pace so remember that everything you say counts. This is part of the screening process, not a casual conversation. Take is seriously, treat it like you would a face-to- face interview. If you’re at home, you could be in your pyjamas or jeans but when you answer the call, make sure you feel the part. Wear your business attire and stand tall, at the very least, sit up straight. Remember that your tone and your mind-set will come across in the conversation, make sure what’s portrayed is one of professionalism.


Be Yourself


Some people can come across as monotone over the phone because they can’t use body language to express themselves. Just because you’re on the phone doesn’t mean you need to be still and quiet. If you’re an animated talker in person, use your hands when you speak. Stand up and walk around to inject energy and movement into your voice. Also, don’t forget to smile – your interviewers perception of you will come from how you sound, make sure you sound interested and interesting.